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 USB-I2CIO now in its 9th year!

DeVaSys is pleased to announce the USB-I2CIO has reached it's ninth year of continuous production.

The latest release (Rev. C1, released in August 2008) has a 48Mhz C8051F340 micro-controller and is ROHS compliant!

We would like to thank our customers for helping us reach this amazing milestone!

small new gifUSB-I2C/IO revision 5.0 drivers released!

Support for Windows 64 bit platforms (x64) has arrived!

The latest USB-I2CIO drivers (Rev. 5.00) have been posted in the support area for immediate download.

Release 5.0 drivers/dlls feature highlights:

  • Platforms - XP/Server2003/Vista/Windows7/Server2008 (older platforms supported via previous revision drives).
  •  32 bit (x86) and 64 bit (x64) platforms now supported!
  • Support for true x64 environments (64 bit app, 64 bit dll, 64 bit driver).
  • Support for WOW64 environments (32 bit app, 32 bit dll, 64 bit driver).
  • Improved Installation via MSI installer files.
  • Digitally signed - Our drivers/dlls are now signed with a DeVaSys certificate issued by Verisign.
  • Improved parameter checking for API calls.
  • Compatibility - Existing customer applications should work without modification or recompilation.

 DeVaSys USB-I2CIO Rev. C1.

A multi-purpose USB interface board with up to 32 digital I/O  and an I2C/SMBUS interface.

$89.00 U.S. (quantity 1)